How Do Backlinks Help Get You Traffic To Your Business Site?


When it comes to SEO many business owners tend to focus on things like keywords, content and even interface, paying no attention to backlinks at all. If done properly, backlinks have a very high ROI and they can bring you high quality leads that are ready for conversion. In fact, it has been suggested that backlinks carry up to 80% of the weight the search engines take into account when ranking websites. Defined simply, backlinks are links that point back to your site. If these links are from authority websites it not only helps you get leads, it also gets your website better ranking.



So how exactly do backlinks help drive traffic to your site? Every time an authority website has a backlink to your site it is saying that it finds the content on your site worthy of sharing. This is the sort of thing that search engines look for when they are ranking websites. If you have many authority sites with links leading back to your site is shows that your content is worth sharing, and therefore is a worthy site, automatically getting you ranked higher. If, for example you have backlinks leading from all leading news providers, your site will rank very well. Search engine algorithms are very particular about the value of sites that backlinks come from – if yours come from low authority sites you will not rank as well.

So how do you create high quality backlinks? Other than the authority of the sites your backlinks come from there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when it comes to backlinks: you should never pay for them – if you do Google and other search engines will consider them Black Hat and your website could be penalized for that. The second is that if for backlinks to count they have to be built slowly over time – do it too fast and search engines will penalize your website.

One way to build quality backlinks is to have quality content on your site. If you focus on developing content that is informative and relevant the big sites will come to you anyway because they will consider you an authority in your niche. Make sure that every page on your website has top quality content and you will slowly start getting backlinks from authority sites.

That is not enough. You should look and see what backlinks are pointing to your competitors. There are websites that can help you do that: MajesticSEO and Open Site Explorer are just two of them. If you find some authority sites you can visit them to see whether the content on your website would be relevant, and if it is you can create backlinks.

The other thing you can do is set up Google Alerts for your website. Every time it gets a mention you will get an alert and you can check to see whether that alert links back to your website – in many cases mentions are unattributed and these are wasted opportunities. If you find that the mention doesn’t lead back to you get in touch with the site’s owner or manager and have them create a link back to you.

Building mutually beneficial arrangements is another good way to create backlinks. As your site becomes more of an authority you can contact big bloggers and let them know that in return to creating a backlink to your site you will do the same. Many will be happy to oblige because they are getting something out of the arrangements.

Building backlinks takes a long time, but if you go about it the right way they will help drive major traffic for you in the future.